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Meet Quinn

Quinn Varcoe is on a mission to be a digital superhero. Her passion lies in helping people and incident response is where she truly shines.

Quinn’s journey into cybersecurity started with a desire to make the digital world safer for everyone. It wasn’t just about the job or the certifications; it was about using her skills to protect and assist others.

When incidents strike, like ransomware attacks that threaten to lock up digital assets, Quinn steps into action. It’s during these high-pressure situations that she truly feels like a superhero. She remains calm and collected, investigating the threats and working closely with her team to save the day.

For Quinn, incident response isn’t just a job,  it’s the moment when she can make a real difference, rescuing organizations from the clutches of cyber threats and ensuring that people’s digital lives remain intact.

In the world of cybersecurity, Quinn is the hero organizations turn to when trouble strikes. Her dedication to helping people and her knack for handling cyber crises make her a true digital superhero.

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Clients Testimonials

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